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To get the most out of your cruising experience take some time before you go and do a bit of planning, and yet remain flexible. The following guide should be helpful to you in the overall itinerary planning but also to the crew in making the cruise a fun-filled adventure. In the beginning, many of these ideas were mine but over time your input is desired to improve the Cruise Planning. I suggest that you begin with the Charter Guest Survey by finding a little bit about your crew: their likes and dislikes, their experience sailing, medical issues, and their willingness to help.


So many fond memories of your travel adventure will revolve around Food. Not too often will you have a crew member that wants to spend much of the time in the galley cooking. So share the galley time. In the Menu Suggestions section, you will find a few of the meals that we have prepared on-board. Tell us about your special meals. We will give you the credit here.  We left several cookbooks on-board with many more meal ideas. I suggest you do your provisioning the night before you set sail as the next morning is pretty hectic!  Do not overbuy. There are many places to re-stock your supplies. We have left many of the spices, and consumables available for the next charter guests, so check the inventory before you shop and buy just what you need to replace the inventory. This will cut down on the waste and unnecessary expense. It is an Honor system. Please be honorable.


Overpacking and bringing large suitcases is problematic on any boat or ship. Storage space is limited even on a 50' sailing yacht. The What to Bring  page will help your crew to think small and light, after all, you are in the Islands.


Where shall we go and what will we do? You can not see or do it all in just one, two or even three weeks. The Cruising Guide is not meant to replace the many good books available to help you plan your Caribbean adventure but is a place to read about what we and other charter guests found fun to do, for all ages. It is also a place to record the Do's and Don'ts, and  Watch-out-for's, about the many areas and activities of the islands. So please e-mail us with your updates and suggestions. If you like we can give you credit for your input.

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