Technical and Operational Information and Guidance for the safe use of the French Maid

This section is divided into four areas all of which should be read prior to your sailing the French Maid.

  • The first area: Captain's Pass Down Orders is mandatory reading and you will be required to sign a statement at time of check out with BVI Yacht Charters that you received this information and that you understand it. Why? We have seen that a few charter guests have misused (lets assume it was unknowingly misused) the French Maid's equipment which resulted in damages and excessive costs to repair or replace. We have commisioned the French Maid with top-of-the-line equipment to provide the best cruising experience possible and we want each subsequent charter guest to have the best experience without finding damaged equipment or lost items. Granted mistakes do happen, just acknowledge them by informing BVI Yacht Charters so that they can be fixed prior to the next charter and pay for the damages. Your insurance may cover some of the mishaps.

  • The second area: Technical Specifications lists the specifications and information about the French Maid and her equipment.
  • The third area: Operating Instructions for the equipment on board the French Maid. Since the PDF files are too large for this web site, links have been provided to "dropbox" where you can read/print the manufacturers instructions. We have included a few notes/remarks about the equipment  that need clarification or emphasis.
  • The fourth area: Emergency and Safety Procedures Guide. We are not about to tell you how to handle emergencies or how to be safe. You may or may not have more experience than us. It is your judgment and ability to handle the yacht and crew so as to return to port in the same condition as you departed. Please read the sailing/cruising literature we have placed on board for you and your crew's enlightenment.

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